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Vintage Watches: Restoration – Sales – Expert Opinion

Our watchmakers/masters are specialists for old watches of all luxury brands and offer perfect service for vintage watches and rarities. We professionally refurbish vintage watches, restore their function and let their exterior shine with fresh splendor. Vintage watches that have not been worn or neglected for a long time are given a thorough overhaul by us – this is particularly recommended in the course of a planned sale.
For repairs, we work with original spare parts from the manufacturer if they are still available. If it is no longer available, it is also possible to produce any spare parts that may be required on our watchmaker’s lathe.
We appraise vintage watches and also carry out appraisals, which are then documented in a watch pass after restoration and, if desired, in a certificate.
What does it mean exactly?
1. We check the authenticity of the watch you have given us, make a diagnosis of the condition of the watch and recommend the repairs/revision to be carried out with a corresponding cost estimate. (for this we charge 29.00 euros incl. VAT as a flat rate)
2. Only then do you decide whether you want the watch to be repaired/restored.
3. After the repair/restoration has been completed, you will receive a watch passport from us, which contains the details of the watch and the work carried out. This gives you a document that you can keep for yourself or show/hand over to a potential buyer upon purchase.
4. On request, we can also create an individual certificate with an estimate.
5. If you are interested in selling your watch, we are happy to use our Europe-wide network to initiate sales. You will then receive corresponding offers within 2-3 days. Potential buyers know us as a certified workshop and have confidence in what we say about the condition of the watch on offer. Especially since the brand and reference are also recorded on the basis of our watch passport and there is also a 12-month guarantee on the repairs/overhauls we carry out.
For further information we are at your disposal.


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