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1999 the watchmaker company UHRKRAFT was founded. Their co-founder Ralf Lehr had a vision. Combining outstanding design and precision movements made with perfect german craftmanship. That’s how the brand came into being, UHRKRAFT, the time for individualists.

Based at the beautiful river Ruhr in Essen, where our flagshipstore is also located, the luxury watches are being handcrafted by our experienced master watchmaker. Therefore, every watch is a unique piece of highest precision. “We want to create watches that meet the individual requests of our discerning clientele on honest terms.” Many years later, Ralf Lehr was to exceed his vision, his customers can assemble and build their
own watch in a personal one-day watchmaking course. “There are almost no limits to individualization. Unique because of the outstanding, diversity and confirmed by our many satisfied customers.”

The company made a name for itself early on with innovative and smart solutions, such as the UHRKRAFT crown protection (2003). “Today we are proud that several celebrities wear products from our company. This shows us, quality and design paired with the highest individuality are still appreciated


UHRKRAFT customers are for the most part individualists with very high quality and design standards.

That`s why a new innovative idea was born that has never been seen before:
“Customers can create their own watch in a relaxed atmosphere during a one-day watchmaking course.
Of course, under the guidance of our master watchmakers.”

The daily motto of our master watchmakers is best described with:
“Time to be different”

PDF: Heritage and Vision UHRKRAFT