Watch Seminar
Create and assemble your own individual UHR-KRAFT® watch and take advantage of a free look in the world of watch manufacturing at this UHR-KRAFT® Watch Seminar!

In our UHR-KRAFT® manufacture you can create and assemble your own personal watch. You can choose the colours of dials, cases, crowns, hands and straps etc. all by your own!

What you can expect:

• You will be welcomed in our own watch manufacture and you will get a historical view about the development of time measuring and a presentation about the brand UHR-KRAFT®.
• After that, you will get a view on the basic skills and technics of a watch manufacture and together with our master watch maker you will take a pocket watch apart and you will build it together again.
• Before you are going to assemble your watch unicum, you will reload yourself with a delicious 5-Star lunch!
• With professional guidance of our master watch maker you will manufacture your very own UHR-KRAFT® watch!
• Shortly after, your watch will be tested and after that you will get a watch booklet and a certificate of your own build UHR-KRAFT® watch!


If you buy this Seminar, you will get a voucher (€749,00 ($990.00) for the basic Dualtimer 45 with steel case) for this Seminar. This voucher is for only 1 person. We will contact you and make a date of your choice (one of the possible data).

If you choose a different, more valuable model and more valuable parts (by example:  gold case or automatic movement, etc.), the extra value and costs will be explained in the consult. If you choose a more valuable model you can make that payment with cash or with debit card.
Florian from Essen, Germany (translated)

Hello Everybody, this event is a must for every watch fan and those for who wants to be a watch fan. During the Watch Seminar I got good guidance so I could enjoy everything around this experience. Next to the exciting manufacture of the watch, the lunch was also an absolute highlight. The excellent guidance by an experienced master watch maker ensured, that I could take home my watch well-working :). In summary a very nice day to recommend!

Sebastian from Remscheid, Germany (translated)

This Watch Seminar is an absolute highlight and a MUST for every watch collector and watch fan. Next to the excellent guidance and the 5-Star lunch, every participant gets a view into the watch manufacture and learns how mechanical watches work. The day is finished after manufacturing an own watch. Every participant is free to choose his own single parts. Just very recommendable.

Perry from Dillenburg, Germany (translated)

Super Seminar! I can recommend everybody who makes fun by creating. Very kind master watch maker, who made it possible for me to manufacture my own watch. Grade: 10/10!

Markus from Gärtringen, Germany (translated)

This Watch Seminar is a very fun experience wit excellent guidance by an authorised and kind master watch maker. Also on the culinary side, every participant is served well! But still, the highlight is creating and manufacturing an own, individual watch, which is an unicum and not a watch from stock. Changes were possible even during manufacturing! My opinion: Very recommendable!

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Allways Saturday from 10:00h-16:00h
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