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UHR-KRAFT® Models (Click on a watch for more info)

• Individuality

• Made in Germany

• Hand made

• Manufacture

• Special Design

• Swiss precision work!
Are you looking for an extraordinary experience or a unique present?
In the watch making from UHR-KRAFT® in Essen-Kettwig you can assemble and design your personal watch. Thereby you can choose your individual colour of the face, casing, crown, hand and strap. Moreover you will get an insight of the watch production - in the watch seminar from UHR-KRAFT®.
Each watch will be handmade through experienced master watchmakers in Germany. Furthermore optical and technical quality inspections will take place in our atelier in Essen, in the heart of the ''Ruhr'' area. Only products that correspond with our high quality requirements will get a “Made in Germany quality- seal “from      UHR-KRAFT®.
The daily claim of our master watch makers could be expressed through:
Time to be different...
Manufacture for handmade watches from Essen
Diver SWR 200
Klassik Automatik
Pilot 7750
Classic 12 & Date
Day Date Automatic 46,5
Big Day Date
New Generation 1
Our UHR-KRAFT® watches are a piece of precise handcraft work with an extraordinary design. Through carrying the watch the owner shows his courage and passion to express his individuality.
UHR-KRAFT® is an independent, family-operated watch producer from Essen, Germany. We are in all production steps of the manual labour assemble watches involved - from the first draught, about the assembly, up to the final control. Every clock can be taking as a made-to-measure item on his owner.